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Type 2 Diabetes

What is Diabetes Reversal?

Chronic & Progressive?
Traditionally type 2 diabetes has been considered a chronic, progressive disease that can be managed, slowed perhaps but not reversed.
However, in the past decade, a body of evidence has emerged confirming that insulin resistance, which underlies type 2 diabetes, can be reversed making remission possible.
Canadian Practice Guidelines now provide guidance on diabetes remission.
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Sustainable Behaviour Change
Type 2 diabetes is a complex whole body disease that results from the interplay of a person's genetics, environment and behaviours and manifests in at least five subtypes.
Our program is designed to help patients understand the specific factors that have led them to develop diabetes, prediabetes, or insulin resistance. We then guide them in making lifestyle changes that will have the most significant impact in reversing insulin resistance.
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Our Virtual Clinic

What is LifestyleRx?

Team of Physicians & Dietitians
Our team consists of specialists, family physicians, and registered dietitians, all working collaboratively with the patient's primary care provider.
Covered in BC, AB, and ON
Patients can access our program for free using their provincial health coverage.
Patients must have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes, and be a resident of BC, AB, or ON.
Type 2 Diabetes
Virtual Clinic
LifestyleRx is a virtual clinic, funded with the same model as most physician clinics across Canada, but backed by innovative technology that can help us deliver more support to patients at lower cost.

Recommending to Patients

Give the patient our handout
Our handout explains the program basics and has instructions on enrolling.
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Patients enroll online
Patients can go to our website and enroll online in 5 minutes. They book an intro call to learn about our program.
Our team onboards them
We work with the patient to schedule them in the program, and coordinate care with their family physician.

We need your help to reach patients when they are most ready to make changes.

Experience has shown that patients' motivation and readiness to change fluctuate throughout their journey with diabetes. As a pharmacist, you are present at many key moments when patients are most likely to make changes.
Starting a new diabetic medication
Starting a new medication, especially the initial prescription, causes most patients to re-evaluate their overall health and how they are managing their diabetes. This is the perfect time to introduce them to our program and the potential for diabetes remission through lifestyle changes.
Experiencing medication side effects
Patients are often caught between significant daily side effects from taking their medications and the potential for disabling complications of diabetes if they don't. Introducing patients to a comprehensive lifestyle program can be the ideal solution to this dilemma.
Inquiring about GLP1s, such as semaglutide
GLP1s pair well with lifestyle changes. Combining lifestyle changes with GLP1s can help patients achieve weight loss and better glucose control at a lower dose for a shorter duration, limiting potential adverse effects such as muscle loss.
Starting insulin
For many patients, starting insulin can be a dramatic, negatively perceived step in their health journey. Many patients question whether there isn't something else they can do. Directing them to a physician-led lifestyle program helps patients ensure that they are doing everything they can.
The key points

How to explain LifestyleRx to patients

The LifestyleRx program is:
100% virtual (via Zoom)
Provincially covered in BC, AB, and ON
For Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes
Patients get access to:
12 weekly virtual group sessions
Virtual physician visits & assessment reports
Video & interactive content

Program Structure

From start to finish, our program is delivered virtually and requires no patient travel for appointments or group sessions.
Initial Assessment
Assessment Report
Personalized Explanations
Measure insulin resistance, target behaviour changes
Group Program
Weekly Group Sessions
20 other patients
Weekly Homework
Video Lessons
Interactive Learning Platform
x12 weeks
Educate patients and increase readiness-for-change
Action Plan
Follow Up
Action Plan
Personalized Plan
Measure progress, set next goals
Additional Opportunity

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We Manage All Program Delivery
When a patient signs up, we look after scheduling them with a LifestyleRx physician, enrolling them in a group session, and walking them through each step of the program progression.
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