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Having the Lifestyle Conversation about Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is Potentially Reversible
Recent research shows that Type 2 diabetes can be reversed, and remission is possible through lifestyle changes that lead to significant weight loss.
Every clinical practice guideline worldwide recommends lifestyle changes as the initial and ongoing approach to treating Type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Unfortunately, providing lifestyle counselling is often beyond the time, capacity, or capability of most primary care providers.
LifestyleRx offers an accessible lifestyle prescription for your patients that teaches them strategies for nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management to help them reverse type 2 diabetes.
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LifestyleRx Patient Outcomes
n = 653
91% of patients improve A1c
44% achieve A1c <6.5%
1.38 average A1c reduction
When to Refer
Experience has shown that patients' motivation and readiness-to-change fluctuate throughout their journey with diabetes.
As their primary care provider, you are present at many key moments when patients are most likely to make changes.
New diagnosis
When patients learn that they have reached the criteria for type 2 diabetes or prediabetes they are highly motivated to understand and address the root cause, especially once they realize that diabetes is potentially reversible. Providing patients with a lifestyle prescription in lieu of a medication reinforces their ability to take control of their disease.
New prescription
Starting a new medication, especially the initial prescription, causes most patients to re-evaluate their overall health and how they are managing their diabetes. This is the perfect time to introduce them to our program and the potential for diabetes remission through lifestyle changes.
Medication side effect
Patients are often caught between significant daily side effects from taking their medications and the potential for disabling complications of diabetes if they don't. Introducing patients to a comprehensive lifestyle program can be the ideal solution to this dilemma.
New A1c result
The quarterly cadence of routine A1c results, provides repeat opportunities to have the lifestyle conversation. Research on smoking cessation has shown us the power of physicians in helping patients change their behaviour. Providing brief, simple advice on a regular basis can increase the likelihood that patients will take action.
How to Discuss With Patients
By providing patients with a lifestyle prescription, some may achieve remission, while others may improve, but everyone will benefit.
Ask your patients the following questions:
Do you know how to eat in a way that will improve your diabetes?
Do you eat healthily?
Do you know how exercise can improve your diabetes?
Do you exercise regularly?
Do you know the role that sleep or stress plays in diabetes?
Do you sleep well?
Do you need more help?
Do you want a lifestyle prescription for type 2 diabetes?

Frequently Asked Questions


Our program is an evidence-based, physician-led program that teaches patients why lifestyle changes impact insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes, what they can do to improve and reverse the disease progress, and most importantly how to implement these changes in the context of their own lives.
The program starts with a lifestyle medicine consultation where patients are provided a detailed action plan based on their own behaviour, biometric and lab data.
Patients work through a 12-week curriculum supported with weekly group medical visits. Each week teaches a core behaviour of the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy and progresses through three phases: foundations, nutrition and fine-tuning.


In Ontario, all of our LifestyleRx physicians are internal medicine specialists, so you will not be penalized.
In British Columbia, we have internal medicine specialists available and if you indicate a preference on your referral, we will ensure they are seen only by specialist providers.

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Our team consists of 58 specialists, family physicians, and registered dietitians, all working collaboratively to deliver the best possible care.
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Patients can access our program for free using their provincial health coverage.
Patients must have a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes or Prediabetes, and be a resident of BC, AB, or ON.
Type 2 Diabetes
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We are funded with the same model as most clinics across Canada: physician overhead fees. We use these fees to develop digital tools rather than maintain a bricks and mortar clinic.
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