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Our physician-led, evidence-based program can help your patients achieve sustained diabetes reversal and increase overall cardiometabolic health.
Type 2 Diabetes

Write a Lifestyle Prescription

Coaching lifestyle changes from the exam room can be challenging. Consider writing a lifestyle prescription instead.

12-Week Virtual Course

Patients attend 12 group medical sessions and a physician consultation to learn and adopt sustainable lifestyle changes.


Our program is covered by provincial health plans so that patients can attend at no cost.
Patients who want more support can opt into 1:1 support with a dietitian, typically with coverage by their benefits plan.


Patients work directly with a physician from their province and are supervised through necessary medication changes.
Our Program

4+2 Diabetes Reversal Program

Our physician-led and evidence-based program can help patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to reverse their diabetes.
4+2 Guide
Download our 4+2 Guide PDF (22 pages)

Eat to Lower Insulin

The simplest way to take the load off the pancreas is to decrease the fast carbs that trigger insulin. Choosing slow carbs with lots of fibre will lower insulin release and is the first step to breaking the metabolic ‘vicious cycle’ of insulin resistance.

Use Your Muscles

Increased exercise helps reverse insulin resistance, the process underlying Type 2 Diabetes, by improving glucose uptake and fat burning – even in the absence of weight loss. Exercise restores muscles' role as an energy buffer for carbohydrates.

Be Kind to Your Liver

Fat in the liver is the biggest driver of insulin resistance and high insulin levels. When reversing insulin resistance, it is vital to ensure that the effect of energy overload is not compounded by factors that directly add fat to the liver - especially alcohol and fructose. Poor gut health and the resulting inflammation are also an often-overlooked root cause of liver inflammation and fatty liver. Our focus is on eliminating ultra-processed foods, decreasing alcohol, increasing fibre and adding fermented foods to the diet.

Restore Fat Burning

The first three steps of the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy set the stage for fat burning. To reverse insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes, you have to get rid of the fat in your liver and pancreas – and to do this, you need to lose weight. Our preferred method for weight loss is time-restricted eating: limiting the number of hours we eat and extending the fasting period.


Stress can worsen insulin resistance and impede the reversal of diabetes if you are unable to recover. High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, counteract many of insulin’s actions while also increasing appetite. Improving stress tolerance helps by decreasing your stress reactions and improving your recovery from stress.

Improve Sleep

Lack of sleep increases cortisol and appetite. Getting enough sleep is key to reversing insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes – start by setting yourself up for a good night’s sleep, give yourself an 8-hour sleep window and develop a sleep ritual to improve your sleep. If there are any signs or symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea – get a sleep assessment and investigate.
Our Unique Approach

Personalized & Holistic Behaviour Change

While other programs focus on diet and exercise, alone and in combination, we assess all behavioural factors that may impact a person’s metabolic health.
We focus on small, sustainable changes that become habits - respecting each person’s own ability and pace for change.

Provincial Coverage for Our Program

Patients can access our program for free using their provincial health coverage. They can opt into additional coaching with a dietitian, but this is optional.
Partner Program

Prefer to Deliver the Program Yourself?

Launch a LifestyleRx component in your own practice.
Make use of our curriculum, virtual care platform, and digital learning software. We also provide training and in-session support to new practitioners to help you get started.
Our platform:
Zero-management patient onboarding (no assistant required)
Automatic managed billing
Video conferencing software for group sessions & consultations
Digital learning platform & content modules for patients
Online community for patients
Training & support from another physician
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Evidence for the 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy

The 4+2 Diabetes Reversal Strategy programs are based on the research of Dr. Roy Taylor and his team in Newcastle over the past 20 years. Taylor has shown that Type 2 Diabetes is a disease of energy overload. Energy, from food, stored as fat, overwhelms our body’s healthy storage capabilities. Fat is then stored in places it shouldn’t be - within the cells of the liver, pancreas and muscle initially causing insulin resistance and eventually pancreatic beta cell dysfunction, abnormal blood sugars and diabetes.
From cellular studies, to MRI imaging, all the way to a randomized controlled primary care study, Taylor developed the Twin Cycle Theory to explain the pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes and most importantly demonstrated the reversibility and potential for diabetes remission. Getting rid of the fat in the liver and pancreas, restores insulin sensitivity and improves beta cell function. The amount of fat in each organ is relatively small - 400g in the liver and only 5g in the pancreas. However to achieve these reversals most people need to lose significant weight. In the DiRECT study, Taylor and his colleagues showed that 86% of people who lost > 15kg of weight were able to achieve reversal of their diabetes.
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