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Our outcomes-focused program can help your team members to achieve sustained diabetes reversal, lowering medication costs and increasing overall cardiometabolic health.
Our Program

Help Your Team to Achieve Diabetes Reversal

Our physician-led and evidence-based program can help patients make the necessary lifestyle changes to reverse their diabetes or pre-diabetes.

1:1 Coaching with Dietitian

Patients have regular sessions with a dietitian to implement all the changes necessary to reverse diabetes.

Digital Learning Platform

Patients can watch videos explaining core concepts, use interactive tools to see how they’re doing and access our online community.

Weekly Group Visits

In groups of 20-30, patients attend weekly sessions with a physician where they can ask questions and hear about the successes and challenges of others.

Personalized 4+2 Nutrition Plan

We work with patients to create a food plan personalized for their household and specific circumstances.


Patients work directly with a Canadian physician from their province and a team of dietitians and health coaches to learn and adopt sustainable lifestyle changes.

Safe & Supervised

Lowering your blood sugar can result in some medications being reduced or eliminated.
Our physicians work with patients to make these changes when needed while keeping their family doctor informed.

100% Virtual

All group medical sessions and consultations are conducted through video calls with patients. No travel or sitting in waiting rooms is required.
Our Program

Complement Provincially-Covered Services

Our program leverages provincial health coverage for basic services, including a physician consultation and follow-up. However, these provincially-covered services are often not enough to help patients succeed and achieve reversal on their own.
By combining provincially-covered services with the employer-covered program, we can deliver effective solutions at a lower cost to employers.
Provincially-Covered Services
Physician consultations
Group Medicals
Physician follow-ups
Employer-Covered Program
1:1 Sessions with Dietitian
Personalized 4+2 Nutrition Plan
Advanced digital tools
Cost-Effective Outcomes
Leveraging provincially-covered services allows us to reduce the scope and cost of the employer-covered program.
Greater Patient Success
The employer-covered program, including 1:1 coaching and personalized services, provides the accountability and support patients need to make sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve reversal.
Our Approach

Diabetes Reversal vs Management

While traditional diabetes management approaches typically focus on medication adherence, diabetes reversal enables patients to safely eliminate medications.
Additionally, by addressing the underlying drivers of Type 2 Diabetes, diabetes reversal substantially improves overall cardiometabolic health, reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and hypertension.

How We Measure Success

Our program is focused on delivering specific health outcomes, and we measure and optimize around the following metrics.
Lab Results
Improved glycemic control
Improved metabolic parameters
Decreased Fatty Liver
Fatty Liver Index, GGT, AST
Decreased BMI
Decreased waist circumference
Behaviour & Symptoms
Improved Wellness Quotient
Lifestyle behaviours, symptoms
Improved Quality of Life
Improved Readiness for Change
Medication Changes
Eliminated medications
Decreased dosages

Your Team Will Thank You

Patients in our program highly recommend it to others.
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Net Promoter Score
87.3% promoter, 12.7% passive, 0% detractor
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